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George has perhaps an unusual background with one thought in the world of science and the other in the arts - having degree level qualifications in environment, chemistry and performing arts. He has been a chemistry teacher, ran a theatre company and am an artist, writer and musician.

George needed a vehicle to express both my scientific and artistic curiosities and dying won out over making fireworks! He was interested in the chemistry of dying, thought to himself "I'll to have a go at that" and now can't stop.

The woolly world has been a revelation to George - we have met so many lovely and talented people as we've travelled the country to wool shows.









Louise has enjoyed making things since she was a child, teaching herself to herself to knit through the Ladybird book of knitting. Louise keeps things chugging along at Yarn Garden being responsible for the website, orders and shows.

Louise works very closely with Katya Frankel and Rachel Barlow who are our knitting and crochet kit designers.

Being an avid reader Louise enjoys choosing really interesting craft books for you.




yarn garden stall image with rivellin mohair scarf

Our Garden


We couldn't be without key team member our garden themed stall complete with green carpet grass, modular greenhouses and seed trays to display the wool. Flexible, happy to travel and willing to stand around for hours without complaint - and eats less biscuits than George!